Through my own weight gain/loss experience and 9 years in the personal training industry, I have found there is no “one way fits all” when it comes to accomplishing your goals.  It is an individual journey of self-development and applying the concepts that work most effectively for you.  Defining Moment Fitness is here to help you devise the appropriate plan to achieve your goals.

Achieving your goal(s) requires 3 elements: Knowledge, Accountability, and Motivation.  Defining Moment Fitness’s programming will provide all 3 of these elements during your training.  The Knowledge of how, when, and what to do; Accountability to keep you on track with nutrition and workouts; and Motivation to keep us moving forward no matter the circumstances.  

Great training and workout routines have to be accompanied with the proper nutrition.  Defining Moment Fitness also provides a complete nutritional guide to all their clients, as we believe true health and fitness and our body’s foundation is built from the inside out. 

Your Results and Achieved Goals are right around the corner and closer than you think!  Fill out the contact form and find out what makes us different today.


Meet the Trainer

As a former 292 lbs, size 48 pant, XXL shirt wearing over weight 21 year old, I know exactly what it's like to struggle with being overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy. In 2003, I lost 115 pounds on my own, in my own crazy way, doing all the wrong things to my body just to lose weight and feel better about myself. After losing weight the wrong way, over time, I discovered the difference between just losing weight and making the mental change of learning how to keep my body healthy, mentally and physically. As a former Greenville Firefighter, I knew I could impact people's lives even more as a personal trainer, and shortly thereafter received my certification from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). Recently completed my second personal trainer certification through the National Association of Sports Medicine.  My personal weight loss experience is an asset, as I empower, motivate, and guide others to lose weight the right way the first time. 

- Ashley Reese

Certifications: NASM, ISSA CPT

Also:  CPR Certified