Nutrition Plans


Nutrition is much more than just counting calories.

Getting fit is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. 


Meal Planning

Preparation is the key to success. If your meals are planned in advance, you take the guess work out of it. You will be eating the whole, nutritious, and healthy foods you already love, and you'll discover some new ones along the way. We believe that a truly balanced diet is made up of Real Whole Foods.


Online Nutrition Planning

In reality, very few people have the knowledge or time to create a balanced diet using foods that they enjoy…until now!

Defining Moment Fitness has an Online Nutrition Program that is here to help you create your own personalized diet! Other systems email you a list of their approved foods, or help you count calories. Our patent-pending system uses a radical new approach, and works with you like YOUR OWN PRIVATE NUTRITIONIST to help you create completely balanced meal plans using YOUR favorite foods.


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