"I recently had a baby and wanted to not only get back to my pre pregnancy weight, but I wanted to be in better shape.  I've always struggled with cellulite and refused to wear anything much above the knee dating back to 2003." 
"I've had trainers in the past that gave me diet and exercise plans, but to no avail, the cellulite still remained.  Fourteen weeks after I had my baby, I decided to give personal training one last try.  I was introduced to Ashley Reese through a referral.  He gave me an eating and workout plan.  It was not exactly a diet, but a plan and a new way of eating.  He met with me to workout 3 times a week.  These workouts were tough, but so worth it.  He pushed me to do more than I ever would or could have pushed myself. "
"This was a new way of eating and working out.  I have been dieting and working out almost my entire life.  This was new, different, and it worked.  After 1 short month, I lost 11 pounds and noticed the cellulite vastly diminishing!  Two months into the program I had muscle tone.  By the end of the three month program, I had definition and hardly noticeable cellulite. "
"I am now wearing shorts confidently and plan to stick to the eating and workout plan.  This was not a regimen, this was a life change.  This has taught me the healthy way to weight loss and working out.  I now understand all of those people who say that their weight loss journey changed their life.  I feel freed of the burden of wanting to change my body.  That alone is worth so much." - Jessica, 33
"My husband and I joined a gym in January and I never made the time to go. In August we signed up with Ashley to get us motivated and in shape again. After three months of training with Ashley 2 times a week and changing my diet,  I have lost 16 lbs and my body fat went from 32% to 16%. I continue to train with Ashley twice a week and run or train on my own 2-3 times per week. I feel great and Ashley gave me the motivation I needed to start working-out again."  - Cowles, 29
"Ashley is a fantastic personal trainer! His knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm is unmatched. I began training with Ashley a few months ago after seeing a complete health and body change in a friend he trained the year before. I was impressed. I have been in the fitness industry for years (used to teach aerobics) and have worked with several trainers. Honestly, Ashley has been the best. He combines diet and exercise science to achieve your desired goals. It’s the 1-2 punch that gets results!"
"I came to Ashley because I was frustrated with certain “trouble spots” that never seemed to change no matter how much I worked out. I was working out 6-7 days a week, dieting and not seeing the results I wanted!  I was thin but not toned. Ashley showed me, that I was actually overtraining and not eating enough of the right foods (protein for me). He devised a plan that brought balance to my life, workouts and food. Now, I work out less (4 times a week) and eat more (of the right things) and I am seeing results. I am never hungry and my cravings have decreased now that my body is getting proper nutrition."
"I love my sessions with Ashley. He focuses on my trouble spots with unique exercises that challenge and push me while keeping it interesting.  He recommends a proper diet and nutrition and holds me accountable daily. He also takes monthly measurements to track progress and sends encouraging words motivational sayings to spur me on. Ashley is the total package; he can help you meet your fitness goals, whether it is losing weight, building muscle or running faster."  - Sally, 45
"I have been working out with Ashley twice a week for the past two months and I can honestly say that it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Playing soccer my entire life I have always enjoyed being active, working out, running half-marathons, and generally considered myself to be “in shape”, but a surgery, my wedding, and a move across town this past year curtailed my participation in competitive sports and left me looking for something to get fit and back into the groove. At the suggestion and encouragement of a co-worker, I started to join her for work-outs with Ashley and I was immediately hooked! Ashley is extremely upbeat, enthusiastic and fun to work with and he actually listened to what our goals were, what our limitations were, and formulated individual fitness routines to maximize our results. His method of training feels like you have both a coach AND a cheerleader in your corner which is incredibly motivating and enables you to push yourself to accomplish goals that you didn’t even know you were capable of achieving. In the two months that I have been working with Ashley the results have been astounding; I’m 5’3’’ and I’ve gone from a dress size 6 to a size 0 without hardly losing any weight, but the inches seem to have literally melted off of my body. I have never been so tone, looked so lean, or felt so strong in my entire life – hello muscles! My level of physical fitness has skyrocketed as well; I have dropped about 2 minutes off of my timed mile, my endurance has increased considerably, and I am easily lifting double to triple the weight that I had started with. At age 30 I thought my high school body was a thing of the past and had resigned myself to thinking that I would never look that good again, but the truth is my body looks better NOW than it did when I was 18. Honestly, I can’t believe that Ashley has been able to transform my body as much as he has in such a short amount of time. Overall I’d have to say that my biggest regret about working with Ashley is that I didn’t do it sooner!"  - Suzanne, 30
"For my entire adult life, I've struggled with my weight. I have lost and gained 10lbs more times than I can probably count. Having tried every diet and exercise DVD and not seeing the results I wanted, I had resolved myself to the fact that I would never be as good as I once was. My thoughts changed as soon as I met Ashley Reese.  What makes Ashley different than others i have met and worked with in the personal training industry is his passion towards helping you achieve the results you want.  Being a full-time working mom, I never thought I could find the time to work out much less hit my target weight in less than three months. I stopped making excuses, found a trainer who cares, and within three months time I change my life.  By following his program, I lost 23lbs, 17% body fat, four dress sizes, lowered by cholesterol and blood sugar, and even fit into my high school cheerleading uniform!  I made a commitment to myself and that was my defining moment."  - Rhetta, 32